26 Days ‘til Christmas……. Why the 25th?

Wiki suggests “One theory to explain the choice of 25 December for the celebration of the birth of Jesus is that the purpose was to Christianize the pagan festival in Rome of the Dies Natalis Solis Invicti means “the birthday of the Unconquered Sun”, a festival inaugurated by the Roman emperor Aurelian (270–275) to celebrate the sun god and celebrated at the winter solstice, 25 December. According to this theory, during the reign of the emperor Constantine, Christian writers assimilated this feast as the birthday of Jesus, associating him with the ‘sun of righteousness’.” And since Jesus is the “Son” of God I found this interesting.

Many popular customs associated with Christmas developed independently of the commemoration of Jesus’ birth, with certain elements having origins in pre-Christian festivals that were celebrated around the winter solstice by pagan populations who were later converted to Christianity. These elements, including the Yule log from Yule and gift giving from Saturnalia, became syncretized into Christmas over the centuries.

The first recorded date of Christmas being celebrated on December 25th was in 336AD, during the time of the Roman Emperor Constantine (he was the first Christian Roman Emperor). A few years later, Pope Julius I officially declared that the birth of Jesus would be celebrated on the 25th December.

Love history, the research on this was endless. It is non the less a day to celebrate Christianity, love of God and his only Son, Jesus, and all he brings to this earth. AMEN


37 Days of Christmas Decorating Daily Tips

Blog by Kerrimorrisondesigns.com

It’s time for the holidays! Born on Christmas Eve, I like to think that twinkly lights were the first things I had ever seen! The magic of Christmas has always been in my heart. Every year I turn to a friend and say, “the Santa’s are getting restless”. This means its time to bring down the truck load of boxes and organize yet another new embellished look for the holidays. Inspiration and creativity are found anywhere and everywhere!!

Blog day 1

Crystal, silver and the use of trays and battery lights!

Let’s start with an easy tip and a fantastic way to start decorating. You know all that crystal and silver you may have tucked away? This is the time of year to polish and clean it up! What a perfect way to add elegance to the home and use the things you “hide” throughout the year!!!! My favorite weekend excursion is exploring estate sales. Grabbing a fabulous crystal bowl or silver tray leaves me singing a Christmas song!!! So consider using items from your home in your décor!

Silver trays are a great way to present collections, or any tray for that matter. You can add snow and glitter to the tray and contain the “mess”. Silver tray, crystal candlesticks, rose bowls for tea lights, an ornament, glitter Santa and some trees from the Department 56 collection become a magnificent coffee table display!!


Another great idea is the use of trays with dome toppers and creating a scene within the dome. I have added a Christmas tree and teddy bear with snow and have a battery operated light . I hide the control box under the rim of the silver tray. The additional light creates a safe glow to the area. Before guests arrive, I plan about 15 minutes to either turn on battery-operated lights and candles or light tea lights that I have safely contained in rose bowls and votive holders. I will light candlesticks but only in rooms I plan to be and can watch. The dinner table is a great place to do this and the romance of real flames is magical.