9 Days ’til Christmas… Giving to the less fortunate

One Christmas come to mind. We were living in Naperville, Illinois, and Blair was in the 4th grade. The middle school offered a “giving tree” and angels were hung on the tree for kids to take and fulfill a needy child at Christmas. One afternoon I received a phone call from a lady. She introduced herself and said that her child wanted to give a gift and had brought home an angel. The lady explained that her husband had lost his job and that she had 3 children. She said that they could not buy a present but that she worked for a cereal company and she could donate cereal.

I was stunned by her complete devotion to offering her gift. And here she had nothing for her own family. I took her phone number and told her I would give her a call back. A tear streamed down my cheek with her generosity so endearing.   I went to the school and talked with the principal about the family. I found out that they were a part of the free lunch program and were probably a family in need. I asked if it would be okay to “adopt” this family and was able to get permission to do so.

I received a card and photos in the February after Christmas of her young family opening up Christmas presents and with a two page letter of gratefulness. I will never forget the willingness for her to take care of others, when in fact she needed the help for her family. I will be forever humbled. That will be my most favorite Christmas letter.

During this time, can we become aware of those around us that have less than we do. It could be the elderly neighbor that needs the company to share another human heart, a gift of time., or maybe a meal or a small decoration or perhaps a nice cozy blanket to ward off the chilly evenings. May you and your loved ones be blessed with the peace of the Season and may it fill your hearts with the willingness to give to those in need now and all year long.


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