11 Days ’til Christmas… Shopping nothing a drink can’t cure

I was strolling down the aisles at some of the department stores and laboring over what special something I should get that someone special. Then I ponder, “Who is special?” and my list is way too large. I reconsider those that have significantly helped me without hesitation no matter what the project. Again, the list grows to numbers larger than my checkbook. The signs in the aisles separate items into a certain price point and I can’t think. I haven’t eaten yet and my head is now pounding a beat greater than any drums I have ever heard. A tiny voice says, “Leave now”. But then I remember that the postal days left to really make sure someone receives not only a gift but a card is fast approaching, like yesterday….

So I am taking an idea and running with it tomorrow. I have scheduled to join a friend, with a list of people that I need to ship gifts to and we are meeting at a bar. I know, that sounds awful, but as long as your heading down the isle you have two things that have happened; a friend to make it fun and you have taken the stress out of the decision. It became an annual event for my daughter to do her shopping this way. She hates to shop and even more, she hates to spend money. With an open store to confuse even the best of “listeners” she spins like a top under the stress of the perfect gift. In an effort to at least have a little something surprise under the tree for me, I encourage her to join a friend for shopping fun.

It truly is exciting to see her when she arrives home, as she glances at me with a twinkle in her eye as she scurries up the stairs to wrap the presents. I will miss her bubbling over with joy this year as we live many states away from each other. I wonder if she joins a friend now to do the same thing? I’d like to think so.


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