14 Days ’til Christmas… Elves

This Elf has been busy with a new startup. I considered back “issues” of my blogs, but my nonprofit work for abused kids took up the extra time and honestly the cool mornings in my cottage with its old windows that seep in the morning air kept me under the covers with business needs dancing in my head.

I was most excited about having elves to help me launch my product (social media and online vehicles to sell) but Amazon felt like a new product needed some research. Awe, the joys of entrepreneurship. I hope to be filling the hearts of kids with my new dollhouse soon. It was fun to video and to see first hand my two girl models enjoy the house and their kinship of hours of play and pretend. Funny how they want to be grown ups. I’ll take child’s play. I will be their introduction to design. They can create their first home with my dollhouse!!!! Stay tuned for backdrops and accessories in 2016!

So what is the story of elves? Centuries ago, in the pagan times, Scandinavian people believed that elves are house gnomes who guarded their homes against evil. If you were good, the elves were good to you, but if you were bad, the mischievous elves would play tricks on you. By the mid-1800’s they became the magic behind making toys for Father Christmas. They were the administrators of the naughty and nice lists for Santa and had other duties such as taking care of reindeer.

The popular Western names of the Christmas elves helping Santa Claus are:

  1. Alabaster Snowball (Administrator of the Naughty & Nice list).
  2. Bushy Evergreen (Inventor of the magic toy-making machine).
  3. Pepper Minstix (Guardian of the secret of where Father Christmas’s village is located).
  4. Shinny Upatree (The oldest friend of Santa and the cofounder of the secret village in Lapland).
  5. Sugarplum Mary (Head of the Sweat Treats, she is also known as Mary Christmas. She is an assistant to Mrs Claus and helps her in the kitchen).
  6. Wunorse Openslae (Designer of Father Christmas’s sleigh and responsible for its maintenance. He also looks after the reindeers and it is believed that his reindeers reach speeds faster than Christmas tree lights).

This elf is having fun enjoying this Christmas Season with both good deeds and mischief. Sprinkle good deeds so that Alabaster Snowball will put you on the Nice list for Santa! Rumor has it Alabaster is struggling with what list to put me on….. Cheers!


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